Cointreau Stables & tack

EC Certified Competition & IOB Coach



  1. Where are you located?

    We are located near the towns of Daysland, Strome, Heisler and Forestburg, east on Township Road 434 off of Secondary Highway 855 South. 

    Please call or e-mail to make an appoointment to view the facility or watch a lesson. 

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  1. What do I need to bring and wear to riding lessons?

    You will need a certified riding helmet and boots with a heel. Riding gloves are optional, but can improve grip on the reins of the horse's bridle, therefore are recommended.

    Breeches, yoga pants or leggings are strongly encouraged, as these pants are have stretch and make mounting a horse much easier. 

    Any of the above can be purchased at our on site tack store. We offer many apparel packages for lessons, winter lessons or showing. 

  2. Can I purchase one lesson or do I need to buy a group of lessons?

    Riding lessons are prepaid one month in advance, with the exception of gift certificates.  Riding lessons may also be purchased through Cointreau Stables via gift certificate for special occasions or Christmas.  

  3. What happens if my child is sick and needs to miss a lesson?

    All riding lessons and coaching require 24 hr notice of cancellation. If this is provided, the lesson may be rescheduled. If this is not provided, the lesson will not be rescheduled and the full amount of the lesson will be charged. 

  4. What horse will I ride?

    Cointreau Stables offers many experienced lesson horses. Upon meeting a rider, the Instructor will select a horse based on personality and experience of the rider.  After participating in a few riding lessons, the Instructor will be able to match up the student with the horse that is best accomodated to them.  They will ride this horse most frequently, but will ride other horses as well, to ensure the student is comfortable on many types of horses.

  5. When will I get to jump a horse?

    A student will have the opportunity to jump a horse after they can correctly display balance at all three gaits.  Control must be exercised at the canter in particular and confidence/safety  by the rider must be displayed.  

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